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About Us

Providing Kids Room to Grow & Flourish

Welcome to Pellegrin’s Point Christian Academy.” We are a multicultural, faith-based, home away from home, childcare. We are both preschool and specialized childcare, inclusion center. Pellegrin’s Point is located in the High Desert of Antelope Valley, in Palmdale California.  
We believe in fostering the needs of our children through a faith-based curriculum and the Biblical teachings of Jesus Christ.  
We love our families! Caring and supporting them is especially important to us. Therefore, we have specific services to meet each child and their family’s needs. One of the services we offer is specialized childcare for teens who have special needs. We understand the hardship that many families face when trying to find adequate care for older children with disabilities. Services we offer: 

  • Speech 
  • ABA-Therapeutics 
  • Physical Therapy  
  • Neurotherapy- Neurofeedback  
  • Group Yoga  
  • Family Chiropractic’s
  • We are always adding new services to meet the needs of each child and their family
Providing Kids Room to Grow & Flourish

We accept children between the ages of 6 weeks to 12 years. Our specialized inclusion care is for both children and teens who may have special needs, through the age of seventeen. We accept mentally challenged teens who are of lower mental functioning and can be wheelchair bound. We do not discriminate.  
Knowing that all children have the ability to learn even when challenged, our teaching philosophy is based on the “whole child.” We work within the child’s scope and spectrum of learning in an environment-based practice.  
This way of learning encourages the child to lead by their ability and nurture their natural curiosity leading them to try new things when they are encouraged to do so or what comes naturally.  
Our number one focus with all children, is to foster a child’s natural curiosity and encourage them to explore new challenges within the safety of a group, adult or by themselves in a happy, healthy and fun filled environment that will heed their own brilliant curiosity!